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The How and the Why

When  embarking on any worthwhile quest or endeavor there is always going to be both the “Why?” question and also the “How?” question.  How to naturally increase the size of my dick, and why to do it.  The why may not be so obvious.  To be brief, lets just say, if something is out of your control, dont concern yourself with it.  However every aspect of the human body is subject to manipulation and the penis is no different.  Now it is a complex organ that takes years to see any gains (6 months for your first half inch that is), that requires a myriad of efforts to see gainz.  Personally I made many changes in my life (all oriented to making my penis the ‘center of my mandala[world]’) and I got results.  The ruler doesn’t lie.  My dick looks visibly bigger (longer) than before.  I definitely gained half an inch.

I did 10-15 minutes a day of very specific stretching and yoga.  (Sorry guys you gotta buy my super cheap book, The Dong Manual, to learn the exact poses and stretches that worked for me).  I literally had to fucking change the way I walked.  I didnt think about it much but I thought I always walked with my feet pointed straight ahead or even slightly pigeon toed and this is not great for letting the dong be open and breathing, that is, getting optimal blood flow and attention.  So now I walk like most professional basketball players (a group of humans who notably have longer dongs than the general population (source: Madonna)), with my toes always pointed slightly outwards.  This opens up the groin area and draws very slightly more blood flow to your ‘nether regions’ (the vital area that is home to your primary sexual organ, or as Osho said, “your sexuality is your life force”.

For chicks it obviously matters, why else would it be the first thing they turn to, to ‘cut a guy down’.  Joe Rogan said ‘for a lot of women, it matters a lot’ and ‘everything about you matters, the shape of your nose, so why wouldn’t that matter’, personally I find it’s largely a psychological turn on for chicks(from my endless research) but it is also going to stimulate their desensitized vagina more so, especially if she has a lot of miles on her pussy, her sexual organ has been desensitized due the fucking pounding and grinding over the years.  This is yet another reason to avoid commitment with chicks as they get older their snatches loosen up.  Of course you can build a deep meaningful relationship (in theory) that offers other benefits that add up over time which would cancel out, to some extent, how her pussy has been somewhat worn out or used by you personally.

We all have our reasons.  Perhaps the best advice I’ve learned is ‘you may have to hamster your way out of this one’, as the fact of the matter is women check out guys bulges, and 99.9% of women, if forced to choose between the bottom 20% of dick sizes in the world, and the top 20%, they are choosing the big size every single time.

Fortunately we can ask ourselves ‘why do you care what they think?’  If she is not your ‘loving LTR (Long Term Relationship)’ then you surely shouldn’t care what they think.

Fortunately, women ‘like bad boyz’ is the cliche (that is founded in truth like most cliches) because, ironically what they often find so attractive is guys who dont care what they think. Think about this yourself, the opposite of a guy who doesn’t care what they think, is a doormat, Mr. Nice guy who supplicates and cares TOO much what a woman thinks.  It is important to never seek her validation.  This is why, perhaps the only useful dating advice a man will ever hear out of a woman is ‘be confident’ as this is critical.

It is a common platitude and ‘thought stopper’ when people say ‘just be yourself’ < in fact this is largely a blockade to the truth and is classified correctly as a ‘thought stopper’ or ‘platitude’ which fucking sucks and doesn’t evolve the conversation nor help anything.

In conclusion, your gonna be stuck with your dick until your 70’s and later, you should certainly, therefore, GIVE A GIFT TO YOUR FUTURE SELF, many guys in the ‘manosphere’ charge $64.95 for their ‘groundbreaking’ book.  The Dong Manual is only 8 bucks, it is the best investment in yourself if you dont have a big dick.  You can naturally grow your dick (without surgery) so you should fucking do it!

Personally I enjoy that my dick gets half an inch deeper in a chicks guts, I get to rub new ‘real estate’ or ‘territory’ (vagina) when I’m fucking thus getting more value out of the deal.