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I gained half an inch on my dick and this opens up the possibility that everything I know is a lie, or at least ‘unconfirmed rumor’.  I am so shocked when I look down and see the ruler.  I measured my dick every fucking erection I had (and I masturbated frequently), I tried every position to measure in.  I fucking never took a measurement bigger than 5.75 inches, ever.  I measured 4 to 5 times a week for 6 fucking months and I measured 5.75 at my best every single time.


Then I started PE (Penis Enlargement) and 6 fucking months later, I measured 6.25.  This is fucking insane, I’m sure we all have heard ‘you can’t change your dick size’ or even as Arnold Swarchenegger lamented about his own dick size (likely being 6 inches and no bigger than 7) as he said ‘well its not a muscle so you cant grow it’.  However we live in the best time to be alive.


Groups of people did experiments trying every which way to lengthen (and widen (increase circumference)) of their dicks but thanks to the internet we can ‘find the others’ and share this knowledge and use other’s experiences to build and devise (develop) the best possible way to increase our dick size (without surgery) entirely naturally.


This is life changing stuff.  Before discovering red pill, I did OK with women, but not great, now I have gorgeous, highly desired nubile chicks wrapped around my finger (and dick a la ‘lips that grip’) largely thanks to being red pilled.  Red Pill is recognizing that women are biologically hardwired and predisposed to be the most attracted to the ‘highest SMV’ alpha male she can find (called hypergamy) and being aware that women will almost always be willing to ‘trade up’ to get the best guy, in other words, it’s simply being a more keen observer of social situations, and ‘frame’ as well. 


Red Pill also involves judging women based on their actions, not their words. Hence the phrase ‘change her mood, not her mind.’ < which is helpful for overcuming ‘LMR’ (last minute resistance).


On a funny note (or sad depending on your perspective) many guys do PE to please their women better.  You should be doing this for yourself.  To get more value out of fucking, to have more fun when fucking.  I also personally find it increases my confidence and self esteem.


One of the many relevant dick size quotes permanently stuck in my head “Even Mr. Universe, if he has a micro penis, he is going to have body image issues”.  Or even take that silly hollywood movie “Bedazzled” with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley, his dream was to be a top nba superstar, she granted his wish, but gave him a micro penis and he hated it and wanted to revert or cancel the wish upon discovering this.


Sex is an important part of life.  In life, we want to use the proper tool for the job.  You want yours functioning optimally.  Personally I’ve paid much better attention to my erection quality since embarking on my PE journey and my sexual experiences (fucking in various positions such as her riding me) is much better since I’m more mindful of every millimeter of action and I’ve ensured I’m rock hard.


Currently I take ginseng and ginkgo biloba, as well as a couple mens herbal supplements, and, not always, but frequently micro dose viagra to get ‘extra pump’ and rock hard size when I’m fucking.  For more details on my routine, and how to do exactly what I do, read the book “The Dong Manual“, implement the routines and lifestyle modifications, do this stuff, you’ll find its gratifying to be able to ‘build your dick.’